SMOOTH; It acts with great care and planning with its successful team at all production stages with its experience to fully realize customer satisfaction, ensure brand continuity in the sector and most importantly make error-free production.

Mold design

The mold design process is carried out by expert engineer, R&D and technical team in every stage with utmost care and planning. From the digital drawing of the design to the final mold design, customer expectations and needs are completed at the highest level and completely, and the design process is carried out smoothly by making the necessary tests and analyzes to ensure that the design stage progresses without error and a problem-free product.

Mold Production

The design is completed and the mold is divided into project phases, and the most suitable metals are produced for CNC vertical machining, CNC lathes, CNC plunge erosion and universal workbenches in the Molding House within Başpınar. Industrial mold, which is the indispensable element of the industry for mass production and error-free products, is prepared for the injection phase by assembling it to produce end products for many sectors.

Plastic Injection

According to the product raw material and weight of the mold, the production of which is completed is selected from the modern injection machines between 200 tons and 1000 tons. It is prepared by annealing in special machines to remove moisture from the product raw material. Precise mold adjustment, appropriate temperature and pressure settings are made in the plastic injection machine. Annealed raw material, which is vacuumed into the raw material silo, is made liquefied with resistances on the badonoid and injected into the mold and left to cool in the mold cooling system. After the cooling process is done, the process is completed by allowing the mold to be removed from the mold thanks to the pusher system used for separating and removing the mold.

Quality control

Our trained team of expert engineers and injection operators make measurements and many analyzes to meet customer needs and expectations at the highest level. As a result of measurements made in line with the determined criteria, they separate products that do not fully meet the expectations. The products prepared in accordance with the standards are sent to the professional team for your quality control. At this stage, some of the products are selected and all control and analysis are completed for the last time and sent to the counting, packaging and shipment stage.