Başpınar, which has been offering successful end products to almost all sectors at home and abroad since 1995, has brought a new professional perspective to the sector, especially with the investments it has made in the industrial kitchen equipment section, and the experience it has gained in this field.

Producing plastic parts of industrial kitchen equipment, SMOOTH; by constantly updating its production standards, it has become the best solution partner of its customers with high quality kitchen equipment and accessories.

SMOOTH, which acts together with the R&D center in the project, mold design, mold production and plastic injection stages of all plastic equipment used in industrial kitchens such as cafes, restaurants, hospitals, hotels and similar businesses; It has proven itself by providing 100% customer satisfaction in the products it offers by adopting the principle of quality and has succeeded to be a reliable brand in the sector.

SMOOTH, which aims at more than its current position in the sector with the use of state-of-the-art technology in our modern production facilities and the power of our qualified engineers and production team; Since it has dominance and initiative at all stages of the production of plastic parts of industrial kitchen equipment, it is the most preferred brand by providing customer convenience and advantage with its customer-oriented production approach by performing all kinds of special production in line with the expectations and needs of the companies.

As an advantage of being established with the production experience and knowledge of many years, SMOOTH carries its brand value every day in a short time by meeting the waiters without sacrificing high quality with the plastic products it offers to all sectors where industrial kitchen equipment is used.